Artist Jack Millard is an Unbreakable Spirit

Actor/Director/Artist/Jewelry Maker Jack Millard discusses his trials and tribulations of going through Stage IV Breast Cancer with his wife and how he tragically lost her in a drunk driving accident on New Year’s Day, 2013.  Jack Millard is an unbreakable spirit and boldly shares his incredible journey with us.   For your viewing and aural … [Read more…]

Carolyne Barry Knocks out Breast Cancer

L.A.’s Top Commercial Acting Teacher and Entrepreneur, Carolyne Barry, had the bomb of breast cancer dropped on her several years ago.  Not only did she beat the cancer, but she shared her method of survival with others and has helped several other women navigate through their treatments.   For your viewing and aural pleasure, Season … [Read more…]

How Yoga Can Change Your Life, with Eric Paskel

Yoga Guru and Founder of the Yoga Shelter, Eric Paskel, discusses how Yoga can change your life by sharing his own amazing and inspiring story. For your viewing and aural pleasure, Season 1, Episode 002 is below in Video AND Podcast format! ERIC PASKEL, EVERYONE!   PODCAST INSTEAD?  HERE YA GO!