Guest Book

Check out what Guests had to say about their experience of being on our Show.

“There are no two things when sharing your life with someone as important as safety and trust. Michelle embodies both just by being herself! Her kind “way” makes it comfortable to be intimate, honest and raw. I learned more about myself from the interview than anyone else. Thanks Michelle for the lesson.”

–Eric Paskel

It was an easy and fun interview. Michelle asked intriguing questions that made me think about my experience in a different way. I was so comfortable that I almost forgot I was being interviewed on camera.”

–Carolyne Barry

“My legs felt weak, my armpits were sweating, but my experience was awesome.  It didn’t take long for Michelle to ease my nerves. She’s truly amazing! Before I knew it I had forgotten that there was a camera in my face and it was just her and I engaging in a conversation. She’s a professional who loves to laugh and smile – what a powerful combination! “

–Nick Tucker

“I’ve been interviewed before. I’ve been asked about my cancer before. But neither at the same time. A vulnerable experience which Michelle turned into one of compassion and ease. It was also extremely humbling. The more we talked, the more it became clear that we were there to just connect to each other and share. And in turn, help anyone who might hear our conversation. An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Tomlinson indeed.”

–Jodie Bentley

“I felt like I was talking to not just a friend but a sister. Michelle demonstrates complete compassion and makes you feel extremely comfortable to open up and share your story. I’m excited for the movement taking place here; to inspire and help change lives…#TeamMichelle!”

–Jillian Morris-Jenkins

“……scary as hell……but, you made me feel comfortable as we went along and we even had some good laughs. Once you got me talking about my career I was off and running…..”

–Nancy Rove,CRNFA 

“I loved giving a candid interview about my journey with breast cancer…. ‘What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters,compared to what lies within us’……”

–Doris Levine

“I have been in the entertainment industry since I was a child. I must have done hundreds of interviews but never had I felt so comfortable enough to open up and share my own personal fight for life with anyone until being on the Michelle Tomlinson show. Only an angel could bring that out in me with such ease.”

–Max Wasa

“This has been the first time that I revealed my story in front of a camera with Michelle Tomlinson. As I was sharing my thoughts and feelings, it was such a reminiscent of what really happened. Michelle let me be comfortable and safe. I am really honored that I could share my story with her. An intimate talk with Michelle was absolutely a wonderful experience.”

–Mehrdad Fagan-Hassani

“Just saw the spot it looks great.  I had a great time being challenged to talk about this issue.  By being challenged to talk about this issue I felt very aware of how much I love being a dad and how much I look forward to the challenges ahead.”

–Charlie Horner

I enjoyed being on your show, Michelle…thank-you so much for inviting me…it was my pleasure to reach out to others watching!!!, …Hopefully after reaching deep down to tell my story, i will have touched someone.,.hopefully many, whom could relate with me and my life story! When one “believes”, he/she/ can move mountains!

–Katherin Kovin Pacino

“Well the experience was humbling and at the same time it felt like we were dissecting my life’s breadcrumb trail and looking for clues for the “why” behind the twists and turns…It was like peeling the layers of the onion and reminiscing at the same time-actually discovering some of my influences and realizing where the credit is due.I came away like a therapy session and felt grateful for all the amazing ‘luck’ and good fortune I’ve had. Instead of looking at some of the challenges as setbacks or failures, the interview/conversation helped me appreciate that is was all one big journey that’s at about the 50 yard line right now.”

–Dr. Steven Rabin

“I had a great time as a guest on An Intimate Look with Michelle Tomlinson. Interviews are always nerve-wracking, but Michelle puts you right at ease and not only actually listens, she’s genuinely interested in what you’re saying.”

–Lori Bowen

“My time with Michelle was liberating and surrounded by love. I felt safe to go anywhere in our conversation.”

–Jack Millard